The #1 Tip on How to Help Young Children to be Honest

The #1 tip on How to Help Young Children to be Honest.


People will be people and children will be children!

Since our forefathers gave in to temptation in the garden of Eden millions of years ago, behaving in dishonest ways can become the norm for us unless Christ takes hold of us and change us.

Hope is not lost, however, because we now have Jesus to the rescue.

In this blog post, I will share with you the #1 tip I found useful in helping young children to be honest. You can also watch the video Here.

The #1 tip is :

In order words do not tempt them.

For instance, if you already know they did something, don’t ask them if they did it. That’s tempting them to lie.

The Bible says in James 1:13 “God doesn’t tempt anyone with evil.” If God doesn’t tempt us, we should not tempt the children either.

Let’s help the children instead. Teach them to love God by constantly lifting Jesus before their eyes. Do not tempt them to lie.

Below is a…

Statement on self-identity I stumbled upon in my daily journal during the time I was writing this post.
-Everything within me is in Him (Christ). So, if I can find God I can find myself.
-Therefore, I won’t have any self-identity crisis if I find Him. I will know who I’m once I know Christ.
-I will know what my purpose in life is because it’s hidden in Christ. All my goals and dreams can be discovered in Christ.
-Without Christ, I’m like a chicken running without a head. I have no direction.
-My life is a guessing game. But with Christ, my destination is known, my calling is sure.

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Question: How would you handle dishonesty in children? You can leave a comment below.


Case in point:

Nicole Roy Ministries wants to help families discover their identity in Christ through the Word of God, which will lead to eliminating identity crisis and childhood delinquency. So, we’re working on eliminating dishonest tendencies.

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