1. Len Diamond


    You contradict yourself.
    (1) When the food they eat causes their body to malfunction that’s because the brain itself is malfunctioning. [Brain controls body]
    (2) “The health of the mind is dependent upon the health of the body. [Body controls brain]
    Whether either one influences spirituality seems a doubtful proposition at best. Starvation: believable. Obesity?

    • Nicole


      Hi Len, thank you for your comment. I was not thinking of this in terms of which organ was in control, but that what we put in the body feeds every area of the body. Therefore, if one area is affected, the other is affected.
      I agree with you that starvation can affect one’s spirituality. I believe so is obesity because it is a disease. And any type of diseases can affect one’s understanding and how he/she responds to spiritual things. Just like when a person has a stomach ache, suddenly he/she cannot think clearly.

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