Are Christians Wearing Wigs?Wigs Can Kill! 

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About the Book

“Wigs can kill!”

In a society where wearing wigs is so prevalent, the author reveals the damages wigs can cause to the unawares. Surprisingly, even Christians are subject to the unfortunately misfortunes caused by wigs.

In this book, you will learn:

How wigs are cursed
What the Bible says about cursed objects
Why Christians should stay away from wigs

  In her book, “Are Christians Wearing Wigs? Wigs Can Kill!” Nicole Benoit-Roy shares her story of the epiphany she had one day while braiding her hair with hair extensions, which eventually sent her on a search for answers.


For a very long time during my teenage years I wanted to be an actress. So, during filming one time I wore a wig that just would not stay on my head. I have no idea why but that experience of constantly having to adjust it during the shoot (was disappointing enough that it) is engraved in my mind.

During those years, I used to transition often from natural to permed hair. However, a few months after I became a Christian in 1997 I decided to wear my natural hair indefinitely.

By this time, I was already an adult, married with child. I began working for the New York City public schools as a substitute teacher. I did not always know when I’d be going to work.

One winter evening of the same year, I had this bright idea to braid my hair with extensions that way I’ll have one less thing to worry about when I was summoned for work in the morning.

Wigs can kill



Something strange happened to me that evening while one of my sister-in-laws was braiding my hair. Halfway during the process I got up. I actually felt as though I was transported to the nearby mirror by an unseen hand.

I looked at myself and saw the side of my head with natural hair and the other side with hair extensions and I started screaming frantically saying, “Take if off, take it off. This is not me.”

The hair extensions seemed shinier than usual. What was happening to me? The extensions did not seem appealing to me as they used to. That was really strange. Since that time I never felt the urge to wear them again. In fact, I’ve developed a strong distaste toward them.

But Why? I lived on those things!…

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D’Blessing (2014) writes:

God has made us wonderfully and beautifully (Psalm 139:14) and anything that God has made in us that we do not like or dislike is often owed to vain desires, vain glory, seeking to be like others or wanting to be what He himself has not called us to be. (para. 6)

During my research I found a video (Ravindranath, 2012), which explains the process in which one’s beauty is sacrificed (known as tonsorial) to idols in exchange for favors.

The obvious conclusion is by wearing the wigs, the wearer will inherit whatever the curse (e.g., illness) that that person had before giving his/her hair to the gods. That is scary, especially with illnesses so prevalent in the churches.

TGFJ Writer (2015) states, “When a hair is sacrificed to idols and someone wears it, they put themselves in bondage” (para. 4).



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While writing this manuscript, I received a phone call from a church sister who was returning my call from two days ago. The Lord had impressed me to tell her this story I heard seven years ago when I lived in Pennsylvania.

The story is about a devout church woman who loved God so much that on many occasions the enemy tried to attack her but could not find a leeway. However, as soon as she put on a wig satan said, “Aha! I got her.”

D’Blessing (2014) writes:

When a person brings something into their home that is cursed (whether knowingly or out of ignorance), it gives the enemy a legal right into that home or to that person.

Deuteronomy 7:26 says,

‘Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a cursed thing like it: but thou shalt utterly detest it, and thou shalt utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing.’

The central point is that a believer should rid themselves of any cursed object! Case in point Acts 19:19: the people of Ephesus destroyed the cursed things in their life. (para. 7)

My church sister responded to the message with glee. She couldn’t stop thanking me. We prayed together over the phone and then she shared with me her story of how God had warned her from a very young age to stay away from hair extensions.

She proceeded to say that because of her disobedience she felt that God had caused her hair to stop growing altogether. She then verbalized her concern about how to style her gray hair to which I offered some advice and reminded her of her natural beauty which is God-given.

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Are Christians wearing wigs

Question: What has been your experience with Wigs, Weaves, and Hair Extensions?

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