Are Christians Wearing Wigs?

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About the Book

“Wigs can kill!”

In a society where wearing wigs is so prevalent, the author reveals the damages wigs can cause to the unawares. Surprisingly, even Christians are subject to the unfortunately misfortunes caused by wigs.

In this book, you will learn:

How wigs are cursed
What the Bible says about cursed objects
Why Christians should stay away from wigs

In her book, “Are Christians Wearing Wigs? Wigs Can Kill!” Nicole Benoit-Roy shares her story of the epiphany she had one day while braiding her hair with hair extensions, which eventually sent her on a search for answers.

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I remember so vividly the day I decided to cut my hair. I was overwhelmed with fear. I picked up the scissors and put it down in fear. Even though I could not tell of what I was afraid. I’ve cut my hair before, though never this short. Thank God for the Holy Spirit who is a very present help in times of need. That day He said to me, “You’re cutting your hair but you have no idea how you’re going to style it.” That’s when my Youtube “Hair University” (I made this up) journey began. From there I learned the million-dollar hair styles, which I made sure I wore constantly. The ladies…


Are Christians wearing wigs


Question: What has been your experience with Wigs, Weaves, and Hair Extensions?

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