By Nicole Benoit-Roy

The wagging red rag

About The Book

“Gossip stings the soul!”
Ms. Allen, the teacher in the preschool classroom can’t keep her red rag from wagging against and stinging her students. Nicole is a therapist who refused to join in on her wagging and stinging spree. Ultimately, she became her next red rag victim.
In this book you will learn how to:
Discourage gossip in the workplace
Avoid gossip in the workplace
Set the standard for your own behavior in the workplace
In “The Wagging Red Rag: How Gossip stings the soul,” Nicole Benoit-Roy shares her struggles as a red rag victim and how she overcame the stings of gossip through faith in her Lord, Jesus Christ. You can, too.

Book Chapter Summary

Chapter 1: The Meeting–Ms. Allen and Ms. Ladle’s Scheme Revealed
Chapter 2: Formidable Task–Teach Me Lord
Chapter 3: Very Interesting Case–Ms. Ladle, The Scream Instigator
Chapter 4: Reverse Effect–Chanya’s out of Control Behavior


Gossip stings the soul


“Talk for specific purposes only. You may want to ask a question or get specific information about something. Gossipers tend to be whiners. They complain a lot, which leads to blaming others and before you know it, you find yourself caught in a gossiper’s trap. 

For instance, imagine this scenario between you and a gossiper.  

You: How is your day so far?

Gossiper: Hummm. . . not too well.

You: What happen? Are you ok?

Gossiper: Well, I was fine until Ms. ABC started complaining about her husband and how he’s been cheating on her. So draining, you know!  

There you have it, caught in a gossiper’s trap. All you were doing was having a caring conversation with a colleague. At this point, the best response would be

You: Well, I know you’re a survivor! You’ll be fine (and walk away with a smile as you look at your watch)” Read More

 “The Wagging Red Rag…” 

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