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 What I Gain Through His Pain, by Nicole Benoit-Roy

Genre: Christian Non-fiction

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In a society filled with easy Christianity and cheap grace, Nicole Benoit-Roy takes her relationship with Christ to a much deeper level. Since becoming a Christian, she has been learning about her newfound Savior, Jesus Christ. She is an educator who vows to be a student for as long as she lives. The more she learns about the cross of Christ, the more she realizes the importance of it in her life. As she meditates on His suffering, she concludes that His pain is the reason for every blessing in her life. In this book, “What I Gain Through His Pain,” she shares her story about the benefit of the cross as she expresses gratefulness for His pain.


Nicole is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in educational leadership at Andrews University. She directs the Children Ministries Department at her church. She works as a special education teacher by day, a literature evangelist by night, and writes during the wee hours of the night. She enjoys reading and playing the piano (beginner). Nicole struggled with college writing, which lead her to eventually drop out. For this reason, one of her many goals in life is to become a best-selling author to the glory of God. She won the 2012 Sharp Witt Book Award for her first book: Jesus Loves Everybody: Especially Me. Nicole and her husband, Roosevelt Roy, have been married since 1994, and are the proud parents of a handsome brown-eyed son, Nolan. They currently live in Brooklyn, New York.

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I pray that the Lord will bless your writing ministry. You have a talent for writing in a way that grips the reader. I found it difficult to put the book down and became really caught up in the story. I especially liked the part where you talked about living for God. It was written with conviction, simplicity and straightforwardness. I appreciated reading old time religion. I believe that God will bless that which glorifies Him.
Myra Omeler, RN, BSN

Do you ever feel like God isn’t listening? Do you feel alone, discouraged, or abandoned? In this poignant self-reflection, Nicole Benoit-Roy shows how God is very active, no matter what we go through.

Jesus gave his life so we could have a personal, fulfilling relationship with Him. Follow Benoit-Roy through her struggles to find where God was during each struggle, from an abusive work situation to the death of her brother, from separation from her husband through renewing their relationship, and much more. You are not alone.

Nicole is an amazing woman. She immigrated from Haiti, has overcome language and cultural conflicts, is highly educated, and is a woman fully devoted to God. Her book will inspire you.
-Patricia Renard Scholes, Author of the Lorekeeper series

“Being a woman, born in a foreign land, which she still adores, a wife, a mother to an only child, an educator, and a churchgoer, Nicole has been a completely absorbed individual with lots on her plate. Yet, she finds time to fulfill her ultimate dream, which she holds dearly, to become an author. With this book in which she describes her ordeal, adapting herself to her new life in America, Nicole poignantly exposes the hard way to true and brilliant success. Hence, the reasons I recommend this autobiography to those still struggling for success.”
-Jean-Claude Blaise, M.S. Ed.

This was quite an interesting read. When I first started out I wasn’t sure at all what it involved but now after reading this author’s non-fictional Christian Read, I can say it was one good read. There were things that I did ponder about and will think about long after the read. Would I recommend this read as a good Christian read…. YES! The best to you and all you pursue in life. I am sure that with God’s help you will get there!
-Arlena Dean

Ms. Nicole Benoit Roy’s engaging writing style makes this a fascinating read. One that provides insight into Haitian culture and some of the challenges of assimilating into American culture. Most importantly she shares God’s marvelous working in her life. This book is eye opening and inspiring.
Myra Omeler, RN, BSN


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